Free Day

It’s a holiday! That means no work and I get to spend an extra day on my writing. 🙂

Here’s the dilemma. My first book is completely done and off to find an agent. My second book is complete, but I need to start the tedious editing process. However, I was once given the advice that an author should put their book away for a few months so that they can get a fresh look at their manuscript. Okay, well I’m doing that. That leaves me the opportunity to write my third novel.

Here’s the issue. With the first book, I always knew I was going to write it. Always.

With the second book, I came up with the idea one day based on some very sad life experiences that were surrounding me.

So, now, I find myself without any idea of what topic to base my next book off of. My life is going great right now. Am I truly in that sad category of authors that can only write if their lives are a mess???

I need to percolate today. I need to think of times in my life that truly meant something. Maybe some decision that, if I had made another choice, my life would be different??

These are all good questions…


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