Go For Two: Week 7 Must Watch Games

This is a fun week in the NFL. There are a lot of really good games against two very skilled teams, and some games that are really just a must watch to see how they compete.

The games are as follows:

Seattle at Arizona — Thursday 8:25PM EST

Cowboys at Eagles — Sunday 1:00PM EST

Bengals at Lions — Sunday 1:00PM EST

Broncos at Colts — Sunday 8:30PM EST


5-1 Seattle at 3-3 Arizona. This is a division rivalry which is hotly contested this year. Arizona did a great job against San Francisco last week. It will be interesting to see how Arizona matches up against Seattle. This could be where the leaders pull away from the pack. I can’t stand Seattle, so I am rooting for Arizona here.


3-3 Cowboys at 3-3 Eagles. Yes. We all know this division is shitty. However, it is only week 7. This will be the time for one of these teams to distinguish themselves as actual winners, rather than a team that can barely squeak through a win. My money is on the Cowboys here.  Plus, we all know I I hate Tony Romo, but that I hate dog-killing Michael Vick even more. I will never, ever root for a team that has that bastard on their roster. As of right now, Foles should be starting as dog-killer was limited at practice on Wednesday.

4-2 Bengals at 4-2 Detroit Lions. To me, this is the talent/skill game of the week. These two teams are equally good, and equally lacking in areas. I watch the Bengals and can’t understand how they keep winning, but they do. They get it done. Whereas the Lions seem like they have the potential to be better than they are. The Lions lost to the Packers and the Cardinals — tough teams. In the Packers game, the Packers defense is what beat the Lions. However, the Lions were without Calvin Johnson, which obviously had a huge impact. The Packers were able to then focus their attention on, and limit, Reggie Bush. Johnson is back, Reggie Bush had a hell of a week last week, and some new guy, tight end Joseph Fauria is getting a lot of attention. I’m thinking the Lions win this game — but I hope they lose. That would help Green Bay’s record and tie breaking issues for both teams to lose to the Bengals. Come on Lions loss!

6-0 Broncos at 4-2 Colts. This game will be talked about ad nauseam, so I would be remiss if I didn’t put it down as a game of the week. Peyton coming back to where he started it all. New franchise QB versus the old franchise QB. It’s a media frenzy. However, all the hoopla aside, this should be a great game. Two really good quarterbacks playing against each other. A great offensive line on Denver’s side should really make this another standout performance for Peyton. I love Peyton Manning. I say Go Broncos.





As always, Go Pack.


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