Go For Two: Peyton Mannng Needs To Win The Super Bowl – His Life Depends On It

Here’s the thing. I think Peyton Manning needs to win the Super Bowl. In fact, I think it is a matter of life and death.

After last week’s game against the Chargers, Peyton hurt his right ankle again. According to an article by Eddie Pells, both ankles were sore prior to the Chargers game. In fact, the article states that Peyton Manning claimed his ankles felt like something out of the movie Misery.

That makes a lot of sense watching him during the Chargers game. On the play in question, Peyton got hit low by Corey Liuget. It was what I saw after that has me concerned about Peyton.

Naturally, People came rushing. However, Peyton physically pushed them aside, giving verbal and nonverbal communication that he would be fine and that he was going to play. He then proceeds to start yelling at the ref while he is hobbling around the field. The image of Peyton limping around, angry as all hell, and determined to play despite his mounting injuries gives me the impression that this man does not care about his body after football. His neck has got to be paper thin with all the neck surgeries he has had. I fear for Peyton if he takes too many more hits.

So perhaps if Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl this year he will finally be able to retire — somewhat in one piece. He may need to get Cortisone injections, pain killers, and who knows what other medicine to get him there, but he may, literally, die trying.

Hopefully, if he does win the Super Bowl, he will heed my advice and retire … and not pull a Brett Favre.

Watch link below:


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