I love March Madness! Go MSU!

I love March Madness! It’s so enjoyable for me to watch on so many levels.

Now, while I love football more than basketball, in some regards, I’m not always enjoying myself when I’m watching football, especially the Green Bay Packers. I’m so nervous — I’m yelling at the screen, I’m pacing back and forth … I’m drinking myself to a completely unproductive rest of my day.

Even if it is not the Packers, I have allegiances. I do not like the Eagles. I do not like the Giants. I can’t stand the Niners. I’ll root for the Saints. I love the Broncos (Peyton!).

What I’m saying is, I’m still overly invested in the games.

But not with basketball. I just get to watch. If Duke gets shutdown early — oh well. Not my problem. When a school that no one has ever heard of outside of that school destroys everyone’s bracket across the nation, I can smile and root for the underdog. Yes, I want my Alma Mater to win, but I won’t be upset for weeks after. I can even root for the Wolverines.

So far, I’m not doing so badly in my bracket. I did pick Duke, which did screw my bracket, and while I did pick some early upsets, I did not see Stephen F. Austin coming.

Here’s to hoping for a MSU win.

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