Not A Great Day For Wolverine And Spartan Fans In March Madness Tournament

Well, there it is. Michigan and Michigan State University are out of the tournament.

I gotta say, the MSU game was a bit of a heart breaker, not just because we lost, but because it just seemed like we weren’t playing up to our greatest potential. It was also a bit weird to me that Payne didn’t shoot enough from the free throw line. It must mean that he wasn’t getting enough shots from the paint maybe? I don’t know enough about basketball to really comment though.

As for the Michigan game, that one was really close. I swear, it kept going back and forth who was in the lead. Michigan played against Kentucky. Their guys just seemed bigger and stronger than the U of M players. It was really fun to watch. I can’t believe, however, as a Spartan, I was willing to root for the Wolverines. Yet, it would have been kind of cool to see a Michigan team go to the Final Four.

I guess that means now I root for the Badgers. It sort of already makes sense, seeing as I root for a different Wisconsin team 😉

I will say this, it is always hard when the tournament comes around. I get so attached to the stories and the kids that are involved. I only wish good things for all of the Spartan and Wolverine seniors, especially Payne. The story about him and the little girl, Lacey, really touched my heart.

My best wishes go out to Payne and Lacey. May their futures be bright.

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