Eligible Receiver Game of Thrones: NFL Edition

The Eligible Receiver gang currently has a new obsession aligning with the rest of the world. For those living under a rock, Game of Thrones is the HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novel series titled A Song of Ice and Fire. So of course, we felt it was our duty to recast the show using beloved and hated NFL characters.

Note: There will be no spoilers if you are caught up on season 3 of Game of Thrones, while trying not to have any season 2 spoilers. This is mostly based on character personalities and/or how they relate to playing style.


Lord Eddard Stark: 

The ever upstanding, loyal to a fault, Lord Eddard Stark is Super Dad, Archie Manning. The Manning family is NFL royalty, but they don’t have an official power. The cunning, ruthlessness, and power of House Lannister is lacking in House Stark.

Robb Stark 

I am sure you guessed it by now, but Robb Stark is everyone’s favorite Peyton Manning. Peyton is definitely more King of the AFC than King of the North, but either way his leadership and ability to win battles makes this a mighty fine casting.

Lady Catelyn Stark

Lady Catelyn Stark is a character that has had some success capturing Tyrion, while still making some extremely questionable decisions. Also, she could never did manage to get a hold of the North. The same holds true for Andy Reid. There has been much success throughout his coaching career, while still being sprinkled with intermittent failure.

Lady “Sad” Sansa Stark

So the Manning metaphor does not continue here and Sansa may get recast in a later edition. BUT there is one who is the saddest, mopiest little boy in the NFL: none other than Mr. Jay Cutler. He gets abused by everyone just like the lovely Sansa. I am certain Sansa hasn’t deserved her abuse and Cutler only deserves some of it.

Lady Arya Stark

Arya Stark is a tough, small, and often forgotten character. She has a great defense in The Hound, but still can fight and win her own battles. Russell Wilson is the perfect recast for Arya because of their similarities in character, action, and overall awesomeness.

Lord Brandon Stark 

Poor “Little Lord Stark” lost his legs, but he remains important(?) to the story due to his continued search for a tree. What is slightly less known that there is a third Manning brother, Cooper Manning. Cooper was a top ranked recruit headed to Ole Miss, but a spinal disease ended his football career. Poor other Stark/Manning. Cooper learned to walk again, so maybe there is hope for Bran. Their roles remain lesser known to GoT and football fans.

Jon Snow

*It wouldn’t be eligible receiver if there wasn’t a shirtless Stark in the mix.

Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark, was sent to the Night’s Watch where he has both flourished and failed. People at the Wall love him or hate him and sometimes question his loyalty due to his Wildling girlfriend, Ygritte. The only appropriate recast of Jon Snow is Archie’s other son, Eli Manning. Despite a couple of Super Bowl rings, the Giants with Eli at the helm remain a bastardized NFL team due to the tough expectations from their fans. Eli constantly lets fans down, but has his moments just like Jon Snow.


This post was written by Jaqueline and shared by Madeline Fresco. The entire Eligible Receiver team had great fun figuring this all out, maybe too much. We are currently coming up with character equivalents from House Lannister. More good fun on it’s way.


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