Yay World Cup

Love him

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I am absolutely loving watching the World Cup. It is so much fun!

In some regards, being in the “group of death” has been super interesting. No one thought that team USA would make it out of group play. There was even interviews with the coach, where HE said that we wouldn’t win World Cup.

It almost made these last few games that much more interesting.

We (team USA) played great games against our nemesis Ghana and Portugal. Portugal was the real heart-breaker. We had that game won up until the very last second, literally. But man, was that fun to watch.

Now, for the second World Cup in a row, USA has made it out of group play. That is a spectacular stat and should be celebrated. It’s also such a triumph that we won in our group at all, so these are all really, really good things.

Plus, more importantly, we get to watch more USA soccer!

This has been an interesting group play. a lot of the big powerhouses are already out. Who would have thought that Spain, Portugal, Italy, and England would all be out of the World Cup already? Certainly not in

Love him too

a world where USA was still in it!

I do have a few concerns. I don’t want team USA to be caught off guard again. I did not enjoy our team getting scored on so early in the game by Portugal, and then so late. Plus, no matter what the announcers say, I’m not very impressed with Michael Bradley. He is not first to the ball, his passes are errant, and he overshoots his targets. Of course, he can make these critical errors up to me and the rest of the fans by doing SOMETHING of merit in the next game against Belgium.

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