World Cup Thoughts

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I’m sad! I can’t believe that the USA is out of the World Cup! I was so enjoying our team still being in it!

Here are some of my thoughts about the game we played yesterday.

Our time of possession was awful the first half and most of the second. I don’t know how at the end we had more time of possession, 53% to 47%. The ball was on our side of the pitch almost the whole game!

I felt that our midfield did a horrible job of maintaining the possession. We kept making poor passes, sloppy, really. We did not seem in sync.

I also couldn’t stand Michael Bradley. He never seemed to be marking a man, just aimlessly running around. When he did get a ball, he made, most of the time, poor passes. Or when he did try to set something up, it was always off. He did have a few shinning moments. That was almost more annoying. If he would have just played to his potential, I really felt like the game would have been more winnable.

I thought DeMarcus Beasley did a great job defending. Just excellent. I also really enjoyed the play of Yedlin and for the briefest of moments, obviously, Green, as he scored our goal. I feel really good about future World Cup play with Yedlin and Green on our team.

The man of the match though, by far was Tim Howard, the goal keeper. He is the oldest guy on the field, and he did the most outstanding job. Belgium had 38 shots on goal. Tim Howard made 16 (!) saves. 16! That is a heck-of-a-lot.

That’s also where it highlights how over-matched USA was. We only shot on goal 14 times. It speaks volumes as to how much we actually had the ball on offense.

Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. Now, I root for Les Bleus and Costa Rica. I don’t think Costa Rica has a chance, but my friend is from Costa Rica, so why not?



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