Outlining going good so far

So far the outlining is going good. this is such a fun stage to be in. When all the ideas are flowing. I think it’s good for my brain to get some different inputs going on.

It’s also hard trying to remember that the outline isn’t going to come all at once. There is a simmering process. A reflecting process. A time to think about how you want the book to flow. Plus, this is a bit challenging as I have to separate storylines going.

That’s a good point. I wonder if I should start with one story line first, and play that out, instead of trying to outline both at the same time. Do I start with the good or the bad? Hmm. The bad drives the plot line. Maybe I should write the bad first and then figure out how the good amplifies those negative feelings.

See what I mean? So much to think about!

Have any of you written dual storylines before where they need to sync up? How did you do it?


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Madeline Fresco is a novelist who lives in San Francisco. She is the author of CROSSED THE LINE, available for Kindle at Amazon.com, for Nook at Barnes & Noble, and as an ePub at other eBook retailers. You can also listen to her novel as a free, serialized audiobook at madelinefresco.com. Her second book THE CHOICE, is available on Kindle at Amazon. Her third book ANGUISH, is available for Kindle at Amazon.com

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