My Thoughts On Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home: Tyrion Is The Real Breaker Of Chains

I’m posting a duplicate of My Thoughts Blog this week for Game of Thrones so you can get an idea of what is over on my other website — My Thoughts On. The website is dedicated to my thoughts on my favorite television, books, and movies. Enjoy!

These are my thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home.

A lot more happened this week on GoT than last week. We had a bunch of fences mended and people breaking out of their real and/or proverbial prisons.

GOTS6E2 Tyrion

Tyrion was the star of this episode for me. He is quick to remind us viewers that his strengths lie in his knowledge of the history of the kingdoms. Ever a student of people, their behaviors, and the outcomes of their actions, he uses that to his and Meereen’s advantage. He knows that the dragons once ruled the world because they were free. They only started to die out when House Targaryen started to put them in pens. His grand plan is to free them, hoping, of course, that they are smart creatures and will sense that he is a friend, and not burn him alive while he tries to release them. I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t bring the woman with him. I think that would have been a smart bet, but none the less, it worked. I especially got giddy when the one dragon offered his neck to Tyrion, asking him to take his shackle off as well. I, like a young Tyrion, would certainly want a dragon as a friend.

Tyrion is the actual breaker of chains (not Danny) in this episode by breaking the dragon’s chains. By breaking their chains, he might be able to break the chains of the people of Meereen as well.

As for another of my favorite characters (pets) in this show, let’s move onto Ghost, more specifically, his Stark daddy, Jon Snow.


Even dead, Jon Snow looks real, real good, ya know? I liked the Red Woman in this episode. She is struggling with her faith. When she says please to Jon Snow, she is saying it as much for her desire to resurrect Jon, as well as begging for her God of Light to be real, to favor her.

I’m a bit disappointed by the turn of events regarding Theon. I was in love with the idea of Sad Sansa, Brienne, Theon, and Podrick making their way together to the wall. Last week, I rated it as my favorite plot thread. Way to blow that out of the water, GoT. The show is, in a way, adding two new characters in this turn of events. Our attention is now turned back to the Greyjoys/Ironborn culture as one of the “characters” and a new brother to Baylon Greyjoy. I’d rather it not be.



Prisons that our beloved characters have broken free from:

  • Arya has broken free from her self-inflicted no-face prison. Her champion has released her from her purgatory. I really don’t care.
  • Cersei has broken free from her prison that kept her from her Tommen. That was a good apology.
  • The Dragons were freed.
  • Theon is finally free from Ramsey. Thank goodness. Poor soul.
  • Sad Sansa seems to be finally free from her prison of constant matrimonial entanglements and nightly rapes. She seems to finally have people who are looking out for her and not trying to marry her off/gain advantage in the game of thrones.
  • Jon Snow has broken free of his prison of death.
  • The Red Woman has broken free from her prison of religious self-doubt and being forsaken by her God of Light.

And finally, I think we can all agree that Ramsey is the evilest motherfucker on the planet. There’s really nothing else to say about that.



My highlights of the episode: Tyrion as the true breaker of chains and Ramsey as pure evil.

Hopes for the future – let’s seriously unleash an earnest Team Jaime and Cersei on the world. The last few seasons they have been at odds. Imagine what they can do with a renewed alliance between them.

GOTS6E2 Jaime


Where is Littlefinger?

Until next time!


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