My Thoughts On Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Blood Of My Blood: Stop It! I Don’t Care About Bran!

GOTS6E6 DrogonI’m posting a duplicate of My Thoughts Blog this week for GoT so you can get an idea of what is over on my other website — My Thoughts On. The website is dedicated to my thoughts on my favorite television, books, and movies. Enjoy!

Here are my thoughts on GoT Episode Blood Of My Blood:

Danny Do-Over

My distaste for the Danny plot rages on. I won’t spend too much time on hate spewing, but, seriously? Didn’t we JUST have that speech last week? Why did we even NEED that speech? Girl, they are ALREADY FOLLOWING YOU!

The only way this truly would have worked was if there was some grumbling about getting on the ships — that don’t even exist yet. If that was the case, then pull your Khal Drogo speech out of your pocket.

Another annoying thing in regards to the Danny plot was the tie in with the after show when the writer or producer or whatever said that Danny could sense her dragon because they are like her children. Um, did you watch your own show? Danny saw Drogon kicking up some dirt. That’s not a feeling, that’s seeing. I think Drogon was scoffing at this plot and that’s what caused the dirt to move.

Drogon is cool though. Like, real, real cool.

GOTS6E6 Arya.jpegArya

Arya needs to kill that bitch.

Give the face to the dude. Trade accomplished. Drop mic, peace out.

GOTS6E6 Jaime viewLannisters Versus High Sparrow

Here the show looked a little bit more like the show we adored.

First, cool stuff.

How cool was Jaime Lannister when he rode up those stairs? Pretty cool.

Cool shot, of how small the army was versus all of the King’s Landing folk. It gave perspective of how the High Sparrow has amassed an army of his own.

The look on Margaery’s face. I really think she was pleasantly surprised her family showed up for her.

Now onto plot stuff.

GOTS6E6 MargaeryWhat made this cool was Margaery always plotting. She didn’t think her family was going to show for her, so she makes an alliance with the High Sparrow. To solidify this alliance, she manipulates Tommen yet again. She made an alliance with the High Sparrow to save herself and played right into his hands. Jaime and Grandma Tyrell were in total shock. They had been outplayed in the game of thrones. While they had been dinking around with each other, the High Sparrow was playing a chess game ten moves ahead of them. When Cersei did her walk of shame, everyone thought that was so horrible and the worst. That was the High Sparrows play. He wanted everyone to know that. The threat of the walk of shame caused Margaery to make the alliance and caused her family to show up there to stop it. Therefore, in front of everyone, the High Sparrow got to show the people of King’s Landing the defeat of the two houses. He didn’t have to do a damn thing.

Also, in the game of thrones, this is all very, very interesting. The scene later between the twins is fascinating. They still have the hubris of a great house. However, the Lannister House is in shambles. Tommen is so weak that he can be bent to anyone’s will. He has turned his back on his own family. The Lannisters have lost visible power among its people. While they are preoccupied with the High Sparrow, the rest of Westeros is making significant gains in their efforts to take the Iron Throne. The Lannisters are like a girl who is broken up with and tells her friends she is shocked it happened — despite everyone else clearly knowing it was about to happen.

Of note is that Jaime is now on his way to Riverrun. You know who else is on their way to Riverrun … Brienne! Yay! I can’t wait for Brienne and Jaime to meet up again. I wonder what this will do for Sansa Strong? She wants to take back Winterfell from Ramsey Bolton. Will she be willing to make an alliance with the Lannisters to do that? How will Riverrun play into it? Jaime is ordered to take it back for the Lannisters, but that’s Sansa’s Uncle who holds it now. I see some kind of alliance. I think this is perhaps where the show might be able to get back on track.

As for Cersei, I don’t think her trial will be a trial by combat. That would be too easy. She might be in for it.Well, unless there is some magical opponent, which, let’s not kid ourselves, GoT has turned way more mystical lately.

GOTS6E6 OFMBoring Bran

What the fuck. I’m so over this plot. So Hodor loses his life to buy 15 minutes? Ned Stark’s brother is alive? He swoops in at the last second to save his nephew who may or may not be fully his nephew anymore? As for the Three Eyed Raven — what has he even done? Why would Bran even want to be the Three Eyed Raven at this point? Ned Stark’s brother is some kind of half White Walker? That’s a lot of magic that the Children of the Forest has. Why can’t the Children of the Forest make some magic to defeat the White Walkers then?

Make this plot stop.

Serendipitous Sam

Gee. I wonder if that sword will be important.

Until next time!

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My Thoughts On Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Finale Shiva: Screw You FTWD You Blew It

FTWD Ofelia

I want to tear my own flesh off after watching this piece of shit show


I’m serious. Did they try to write the most insulting, idiotic, implausible episode ever? How stupid do they think their viewers are to keep watching this show?

How do you possibly screw up, this badly, a spinoff from TWD? I mean, the only worse spinoff was Joey after Friends.

Nick, the second best character on the show, what? Just walks off? Away from his mom and his sister? I mean, this kind of makes sense in the abstract, that he walked away from his family when he was on drugs, but it doesn’t fit this situation. At all. His survival instinct is too strong to simply kill himself. He had every motivation to seek drugs, he would seek survival now.

He was thriving as a member of the family. He seemed to generally care for his mom. He boldly tells TRavis to get back, she needs him. He loves his sister. He just disappears into the wasteland. I honestly have the worst taste in my mouth right now.

Also, WTF about Daniel??? Yes, he is going crazy, but why? Why is he going crazy? It just sort of happens in the show! NO CATALYST! And don’t tell me that it was because all the death got to be too much. He was the first person just a week ago to steal Strand’s gun to try and save his pseudo relationship with Madison and her family, but more importantly, his daughter.

There is no way that he leaves his daughter to fend for herself. He would not set himself on fire and leave her in the walker world all on her own. SO STUPID!

This is the same man who tortured the soldier. Who knew to trade a zombified kid in an exchange for Travis and Alicia. It’s soooo implausible!

There is no hate watching this show. I won’t watch under any circumstances. I’m so disgusted by it right now I can’t even write a good thoughts blog. I just want to scream at somebody. I feel so disrespected as a viewer that the writers and show runners think it’s okay to write something so bad, trading on sincere loyalty from the fans for this genre and TWD for an unearned paycheck. There are so many writers in the world who would be thrilled with a chance to have a hit show on television. Yet these writers throw their good fortune away. It’s a slap in the face how lazy these writers and show runners are.

I hope viewers stand up and boycott this show. Just don’t watch. I know there is such a lack of good television shows on these days that you might be tempted just to tune in, in case they turn it around. But look at how little they value our loyalty by writing this dribble.

I for one, will not be back.

Screw you, FTWD. You managed to ruin a home run.

My Thoughts On Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home: Tyrion Is The Real Breaker Of Chains

I’m posting a duplicate of My Thoughts Blog this week for Game of Thrones so you can get an idea of what is over on my other website — My Thoughts On. The website is dedicated to my thoughts on my favorite television, books, and movies. Enjoy!

These are my thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home.

A lot more happened this week on GoT than last week. We had a bunch of fences mended and people breaking out of their real and/or proverbial prisons.

GOTS6E2 Tyrion

Tyrion was the star of this episode for me. He is quick to remind us viewers that his strengths lie in his knowledge of the history of the kingdoms. Ever a student of people, their behaviors, and the outcomes of their actions, he uses that to his and Meereen’s advantage. He knows that the dragons once ruled the world because they were free. They only started to die out when House Targaryen started to put them in pens. His grand plan is to free them, hoping, of course, that they are smart creatures and will sense that he is a friend, and not burn him alive while he tries to release them. I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t bring the woman with him. I think that would have been a smart bet, but none the less, it worked. I especially got giddy when the one dragon offered his neck to Tyrion, asking him to take his shackle off as well. I, like a young Tyrion, would certainly want a dragon as a friend.

Tyrion is the actual breaker of chains (not Danny) in this episode by breaking the dragon’s chains. By breaking their chains, he might be able to break the chains of the people of Meereen as well.

As for another of my favorite characters (pets) in this show, let’s move onto Ghost, more specifically, his Stark daddy, Jon Snow.


Even dead, Jon Snow looks real, real good, ya know? I liked the Red Woman in this episode. She is struggling with her faith. When she says please to Jon Snow, she is saying it as much for her desire to resurrect Jon, as well as begging for her God of Light to be real, to favor her.

I’m a bit disappointed by the turn of events regarding Theon. I was in love with the idea of Sad Sansa, Brienne, Theon, and Podrick making their way together to the wall. Last week, I rated it as my favorite plot thread. Way to blow that out of the water, GoT. The show is, in a way, adding two new characters in this turn of events. Our attention is now turned back to the Greyjoys/Ironborn culture as one of the “characters” and a new brother to Baylon Greyjoy. I’d rather it not be.



Prisons that our beloved characters have broken free from:

  • Arya has broken free from her self-inflicted no-face prison. Her champion has released her from her purgatory. I really don’t care.
  • Cersei has broken free from her prison that kept her from her Tommen. That was a good apology.
  • The Dragons were freed.
  • Theon is finally free from Ramsey. Thank goodness. Poor soul.
  • Sad Sansa seems to be finally free from her prison of constant matrimonial entanglements and nightly rapes. She seems to finally have people who are looking out for her and not trying to marry her off/gain advantage in the game of thrones.
  • Jon Snow has broken free of his prison of death.
  • The Red Woman has broken free from her prison of religious self-doubt and being forsaken by her God of Light.

And finally, I think we can all agree that Ramsey is the evilest motherfucker on the planet. There’s really nothing else to say about that.



My highlights of the episode: Tyrion as the true breaker of chains and Ramsey as pure evil.

Hopes for the future – let’s seriously unleash an earnest Team Jaime and Cersei on the world. The last few seasons they have been at odds. Imagine what they can do with a renewed alliance between them.

GOTS6E2 Jaime


Where is Littlefinger?

Until next time!


My Thoughts On The Americans Season 4 Episode 7 Travel Agents: Everyone Is Grieving

Hello There Good People!

I’m posting a duplicate of My Thoughts Blog this week for The Americans so you can get an idea of what is over on my other website — My Thoughts On. The website is dedicated to my thoughts on my favorite television, books, and movies. Enjoy!

These are my thoughts on The Americans season 4 episode 7 Travel Agents.

TAS4 Ep 7 Martha


This episode was so remarkably good. My two favorite parts I want to highlight is the unbelievably good tension coupled with an overwhelming amount of grief.

We spent most of the episode wondering who was going to find Martha first, the FBI or Phillip. The tension of wondering would it be Stan, or Gadd was overwhelming. For Martha to have to look either of those men in the eyes would be devastating. We know she would go to jail if caught by the United States, but at least she would be alive. That was in serious question if the Russians captured her first. Yes, she would be sparred the face-to-face humiliation, but she could very well windup dead. The best part of the tension was when Elizabeth got involved. Who did not have a sick feeling in their stomach that she would kill Martha on sight? She already has proven to be beyond loyal to the KGB, but also, she was the one who was so willing to kill Pastor Tim.

It was a little over the top for Elizabeth to gut-punch Martha — a physical representation of the already mental situation Martha found herself in. We get it, you don’t need to hit us over the head with the symbolism.

I was on the edge of my seat hoping that Phillip would get to her first.

The other overarching theme of this episode was grief. All of the characters were sad and grieving in one shape or another over Martha. Frank Gadd did not want it to be true for Martha. I think it went well beyond his inability to see that she had been turned. He was generally grief stricken that he had lost Martha as an individual – someone he considered more than just a coworker, a friend. He of course, was also grieving the fact that he thought more of himself as an agent than what he was. Gadd believed he should have seen it, known that she was a traitor, but he didn’t. It calls into question his judgement as an operative. That’s a hard thing to get over. He also grieves for his country. Knowledge of the United States was leaked under his watch. Frank Gadd had to grieve for his country as well.


TAS4 ep 7 Elizabeth and philip

Elizabeth grieves. Despite her asking Phillip if given the opportunity to go with Martha to Russia, and his answer of no, Elizabeth knows that it’s not that cut and dry. I do think that Phillip loves Elizabeth, more than Martha, but he has given something of himself to Martha, something that Phillip doesn’t give to Elizabeth. Elizabeth realizes that while Phillip is telling the truth — that he loves Elizabeth, not Martha, he is still partially lying to himself. He’s lying about how much Phillip cares for, even loves Martha. He genuinely cares for Martha, yes, it’s due to a sense of responsibility, but there is also a real love there. The show does a great job of showing Elizabeth’s vulnerability in the mirror shot. Elizabeth really looks at herself in the mirror. Looks at who she is, what she wants, what Phillip wants. You get the general sense that Elizabeth, once sure of her place by Phillips side and that she was enough for him, questions her standing. She sees herself as someone who really does care for this man, and, like all women, wants their man to love them. When she looks in the mirror, she sees her own vulnerability.


TAS4 Ep 7 martha and Phillip

Poor Phillip grieves for Martha. As I said above, he doesn’t just feel responsible for her. The amount of information that he divulges to her is unprecedented. I also find it infinitely fascinating that he tells Martha the truth. Elizabeth, ever the agent, wants him to lie. To tell Martha what she wants to hear to make sure that she gets on the plane. But that isn’t what Phillip does. He tells her the truth, because he owes her that. He tells her because he loves her and and one of the only ways he can show it is by respecting her enough to tell her the truth. I may be mistaken, but I also don’t think that even Elizabeth knew Phillip’s real name, and if she does, it wasn’t per protocol and for a long time. That’s what a huge deal it was for him to not only reveal his face to her, but some very personal information.

Right now, this show reigns supreme. With the lack-luster GoT episode last week, this show really is the cream of the crop.

Until next time!

My Thoughts On Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 The Red Woman: An Extended Version Of Previously On Game Of Thrones

Hello There Good People!

I’m posting a duplicate of My Thoughts Blog this week for GoT so you can get an idea of what is over on my other website — My Thoughts On. The website is dedicated to my thoughts on my favorite television, books, and movies. Enjoy!


GOTS6 Ep 1 Sansa and Theon

This episode seemed to be an extended version of the opening sequence of previously, on Game of Thrones

Therefore, this episode was just okay. I know sometimes shows have to create a little setup for future episodes, but we are 6 seasons in. We don’t need a grace period before the action takes place.

In fact, you know what? Since all the show did was one big recap, and nothing new actually happened, then all I’m gonna do is rate my interest in the story threads.

So here goes …

1. Theon/Sansa/Brienne
2. Jaime/Cersei
3. Davos + Dire Wolf (that’s right, that wolf gets me every time)
4. Tyrion/Lord Varys
5. Red Woman/Jon Snow

Then it really is a toss up on how little I care

6. Jorah (I am going to count this as separate from Danny because I like his plot thread way more even though it is tied to hers)
7. Danny (Daenerys – I’ll never be able to spell her name, so from here on out, this is who Danny is)
8. Dorne Women
9. Arya
10. Bran

GOTS6 Ep 1 Brienne


Overall, the thing that excites me the most about this season shown in the episode is Theon and Sansa. Sansa got a lot more interesting now that she is paired up with Theon. Prior to that, I really could have cared less. Then they double-down and add Brienne in the mix? I am thrilled for this development.

Plus, I love the actor that plays Theon, and poor, poor Theon. He has been tortured for the last two seasons, it will be interesting to see his story arc. Plus, it bodes well that he was willing to sacrifice himself to save Sad Sansa. How pathetic, hiding out behind that tree.

GOTS6 Ep1 Cersei and Jaime

Jaime and Cersei interest me because they are always, always doing something intriguing. I can not wait to see what new hell Cersei unleashes on the Sparrows, in particular, that one nun-type woman. Oh, she is IN FOR IT!

I always love Tyrion. I’d like that man to have some success.

As for the White Walkers, they would be high, high, high on this list. However, the show didn’t include it in the episode. Clearly, it will coincide with Sad Sansa and obviously Davos, the Red Woman, and Jon Snow. Basically anything involving the plot in The North is my favorite once it all comes together. Everything else is lower on my list.

What storyline interests you the most? Let me know!

Until next time!

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My Thoughts On The Americans Season 4 Episode 6 the Rat: This Is The Best Show On Television

I honestly think that The Americans is the best show on television right now! The writing, acting, and cinematography are all at such a high level. Now, when GoT comes back, there might be a battle for the top spot …

This week’s writing was superb when it came to Elizabeth and Philip. The scene in the kitchen, where Elizabeth encounters Philip without his disguise was brilliant. Keri Russell portrays the scene beautifully. She is caught off guard, her steely armor weakened. When she says the line about (paraphrasing) “did you want her? To see you?” — that vulnerability was real. Her husband, that she may or may not be in love with, chose to show his real self to Martha. As icy as Elizabeth can be, with her first priority being to the KGB before Philip, this truly effected her. You can see Elizabeth collect herself. She even offers to take over a shift of watching Martha, but, again, Philip picks Martha – he wants to stay with her. The awareness on Elizabeth’s part that Philip truly cares for Martha, and in a way he does not care for Elizabeth shocks her. Philip wants that with Elizabeth, but she does not allow it — Martha does. It’s a different story though, even for this cold-hearted KGB operative to be confronted, face to face with that reality. Really, really great writing.

The scene showing Gabriel downstairs while Philip and Martha are upstairs having sex was visually stunning. Without words it conveyed so much. The ability of this show to tell a story both verbally and nonverbally is why we as viewers love this show. Gabriel is supposed to be the handler and things are getting out of control. He is not in control of his body (it is weak from the virus) and he is not in control of his operative. It creates a tension between the main characters — how will Gabriel regain control of the situation? He looks weak, but he certainly is not. He can be deadly — Philip and Martha are in serious danger. Wonderfully built tension.

Then there is our beloved Martha. It’s delightful how much we have grown to care about this lonely woman. There is no good outcome for her. All we can hope for is the least amount of damage. Philip is frantically grasping for a way to somehow save Martha. He tries to force Gabriel’s hand by bringing her to the safe house. It’s always fascinating watching a character struggle with an outcome that they deep down know is going to happen. To observe Philip’s desperate clutch to the delusion that everything will be okay is excellent. It’s so not going to be okay. Philip’s delusion du jour is that he feels like if he can just get her to Moscow, it will be okay, but it won’t. Martha will be spiritually, mentally, and irrevocably crushed.

TA S4 Rat MarhtaThis is because the viewer has to ask themselves, as Philip does – what is worse for Martha? The basis of her character, why she was able to be recruited, is her desperate desire for love. Moscow is not going to provide that. She is trying to hold on to her “American Dream” with Clark despite the overwhelming evidence that the dream is gone. In fact, she is beginning to realize not even that was true — almost. She won’t quite let herself absorb the true reality that not even Clark was really there in the first place. It’s why she wants to have sex with Philip, to confirm their love for each other. To confirm to herself that he would somehow be coming with her.

In a lot regards, it would almost be better for Martha to be shot — a clean, fast death before she realizes the depth of the betrayal of those around her. It will break Martha to realize that Philip/Clark is not coming with her. She gave up her job, her identity, her country for this man who will betray her. Her whole life is a lie. To live the rest of her life, in Moscow, alone yet again,  even more so because she also has no friends, no country — these are things worse than death for Martha.

Until next time!

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