Congratulations to the USWNT for making it to the finals against Japan!

Congratulations to the USWNT for making it to the finals against Japan!

Just some quick thoughts …

Abby did a great job setting up the goal that Lloyd fed into O’Hara for the goal. Abby may not be the fastest on the team anymore, but she does still have expert ball control and field awareness.

I’m glad they finally decided not to assign Lloyd anywhere. Not so she can “make things happen” as they say, but more so because she can’t be trusted to be where she is supposed to be. However, I will give her credit for having the unselfish moment of feeding that ball to O’Hara. Brilliant.

We won’t even speak about the poor England girl. She will be the one who will not be named. The one of which we do not speak. She doesn’t deserve to be named in every single article out there. It was horrifying. The world collectively got gut punched for her. I’m happy no one is blaming her or that she is getting hate texts/mail/tweets or anything.

Japan! I’m super excited we are playing them in the final. My favorite team USA against my second favorite team Japan.

I can’t wait!

My thoughts on the USWNT against Colombia

First off, I’m fairly certain I was watching men’s soccer with all the flopping that was going on. It was so apparent, because typically we get a reprieve when we watch the women play. It completely messed with the flow of the game, and, as a viewer, my enjoyment.

I get the strategy behind it — slow down the game. It is well documented the physical fitness of the USWNT. We wear people down in the second half and that is where we are finding success. With all the stoppage, Colombia got frequent breathers.

Colombia also played scrappy. If I was in the game, I’d probably have shoved one of the girls back — thank God I’m not. I would have gotten so mad – and a red card (since cards were being so freely handed out). Julie Johnston took a good hit in the backfield when the ball was forward that no one saw. I have mad respect for Julie Johnston. She is one tough girl.

As for the match itself, it was not what people expected, or was it? Everyone expected the US to win, but it was Colombia that was impressive. They moved the ball well, completed their passes, and had us off our game — especially with all of the penalties that we were getting.

Costly ones at that. We will now be missing Megan Rapinoe and Lauren Holiday for the quarterfinals against China on Friday at 4pm PT. As much as we all can’t stand Holiday and Lloyd in the center, I’m assuming if we had better choices, we would be playing them. Who knows? Maybe someone will come onto the field and not so much be an awesome player, but their heart and their drive will encourage Lloyd to play harder, more focused. That would be a wonderful thing.

Missing Rapinoe will be killer. She has great ball skills, a wicked corner, and plays with fire. The other problem is, from what I’ve seen, is Holiday is the other player who takes the corner kicks. Who will be the player that takes them now? Johnston is needed for the headers. Maybe Lloyd can take them since she is always getting in the way of Abby to head the ball in on corner kicks.

Yes, the US was expected to win, but it was also expected that our game would be severely lacking a strong mid-field and an offense that clicks. Perhaps everyone should be paying more attention to the fact that we are winning in spite of our lacking offense and mid-field presence. How different would this game have turned out if the Colombian goalie hadn’t gotten a red card and the Colombians had to play with a man down?

On a positive note, great goal by Alex Morgan. She is such a joy to watch. Great defending by my girl Klingenberg.

On a negative note, really? Carli Lloyd had to be the one to score on a penalty kick? Anyone else, man. That girl does not need a bigger ego.

Poor Abby, I so wanted her to score on that penalty kick.

Here is a great YouTube video of the highlights of the match thanks to FIFATV

Hopefully we beat China and can move forward. A huge, huge game on Friday is also Germany (#1) vs France (#3). That game will be on at 1:00pm PT. A lot of people are saying that this match could be the biggest game of the World Cup.

Good luck USWNT!

My thoughts on the USWNT against Nigeria

Our favorite duo started the game! Wambach and Morgan!

The first few minutes of the game was super exciting. A set piece with a cross in by Carli Lloyd was almost a goal on the first possession. Nigeria did a good job of keeping their defensive line up, creating 2 off-sides situations.

That was the last time Carli Lloyd did anything of merit. Even the announcers were stating that she gave the ball away too much and her shots were poorly timed. She doesn’t play a full game, meaning she plays when she wants to play. She is a mid-fielder, and she either has to be a defensive midfielder, or someone who runs the full pitch. She does neither. She doesn’t run hard up and down the pitch, nor does she maintain a defensive position in the back. She had this same problem before, in the Olympics and previous World Cup. Why play a person in a position that requires motivation, the ability to run, and get back and forth who absolutely does not want that?

I’m not so super impressed with Holiday either. She equally does not seem to be in any type of mid-fielder position. Where is she half the time?

When does our mid-field even mark their player? It’s ridiculous.

Our mid-fielders also never seem to be forward when they need to be either. It’s like they don’t understand basic soccer. When you pass the ball, you are not done playing. I watched a few passes that should have been a great give-and-go that turned into nothing because there wasn’t anyone forward to pass the ball to.

Megan Rapinoe did a good job again. I have been noticing that she holds the ball too long. I’m not sure if she just doesn’t trust the people around her to pass to or what? I would love someone to answer that for me.

Julie Johnston played a great game. I was impressed by the beating she took by Nigeria. There were a couple of times that they just barreled right into her. That’s one tough girl. She plays hard. Lloyd and Holiday could learn a thing or two from her.

I have a crush on the defender Meghan Klingenberg. She plays so tough as well. I always look forward to watching how she defends.

Alex Morgan did fairly well with her first start. I think she will improve as she plays more games.

Sydney Leroux played terrible, again. She lost the ball, couldn’t keep possession, and just overall made bad passes. I find her incredibly beautiful and I love looking at her, but her game is crap.

As for Abby! Her scoring the goal could not have happened to a nicer person. All the haters out there saying she is washed up. Everyone complaining about her missed headers. Well, screw you. She made an amazing goal. Also, her passes were usually on target, unlike the rest of the team. Yes, she looks slow as shit out there, but, hey. She’s not done yet.

I feel like there is no respect shown to Abby. How quick everyone is to write her off.

Today’s matches will tell us who the USWNT plays going forward. I’m excited for the games to come.

Good luck USWNT!



Congratulations USA Women’s World Cup Team!

Oh my God! How amazing was that game yesterday! I could not believe it! I don’t know why it seemed like they were playing at lighting speed! Was it the turf? Was it just the enthusiasm? What was it!

I’m not sure if it was the turf, because I watched a few minutes of the England versus France game today and it was not nearly as exciting.

First off, Hope Solo made 3 phenomenal saves in the first half. Not saves of the fashion where a player essentially kicks the ball right in her hands. No. These were shots on goal that would test the best of the best goal keepers. Hope Solo made saves that solidify her position as one of the best goalies around. Men or women.

Also, I’m clearly not on the Rapinoe bandwagon after this game, because I have clearly stated in my past posts how much I adore her. I was loving all the media attention she was getting to the lead up to the World Cup. I feel slightly like I had a secret that no one else knew about going into this game, but that secret has been exposed for it’s full glory. Megan Rapinoe is amazing!

Not only did she score two goals, but her ball handling skills in the game were phenomenal. Her give and goes were flawless. Her field awareness was impeccable.

My only complaint was that her corners were a bit off.

I think that the criticism of Abby Wambach was unjustified.

I did call it for forward Leroux. She just seems to, I don’t know. She gets the ball and either loses it or doesn’t capitalize on it. She did have that one tackle that was outstanding. I hope she improves as the World Cup progresses cause I really still like her and want good things for her.

I was so excited to see Alex Morgan in the game at the end! I hope she is 100% and can be a starter for Friday’s match.

As for Carli Lloyd. She was a non-issue. She seemed to be doing better than her other midfielders. She kept pace with the game this time and I didn’t see her being lazy. Kudos to her for actually being a team player.

The blonde, Johnston, impressed. I saw her in a friendly score an amazing goal so I was keen on seeing her play again. I really like her spunk, her ball handling, and her ability to, once she decides to move forward with the ball, take a shot. However, I feel very nervous about the defenders this year.

I was not particularly impressed with Sauerbrunn or Krieger. I will withhold judgement until I can see more games.

I would like to see the numbers on the back of their jerseys more prominently displayed or apparent. I like to know who has the ball and who is doing what. It makes me enjoy the game more to know and be familiar with the players. I get that it is a team sport, and some people prefer to be anonymous, but that is not my preference. I like to be able to keep track of players and have favorites.

The next game is this Friday at 5:00 pm PT against Sweden. So far the standings are as follows (points):

USA: 3

Sweden: 1

Nigeria: 1

Australia: 0

Good luck USA!

FIFA Women’s World Cup to start Saturday June 6th at 2:30 p.m. PT – opening ceremony


FIFA Women’s World Cup to start Saturday June 6th at 2:30 p.m. PT. That is the time for the opening ceremony. You can watch on Fox Sports 1.

I just want to get that out of the way because I find that there is very little information out there about it. It’s shocking and not shocking all at the same time.

FIFA Women’s World Cup isn’t even regarded highly by FIFA. They fall all over themselves for the men, but not the women. Even the ex-president, Blatter acknowledged that more attention needed to be paid. However, he suggestion was one of absolute sexism, that the girls should wear shorter shorts if they want more people to watch. Wow. How does a sport expect to have a better and higher profile when the gentleman who runs it thinks so little?

I love her!

It is also clearly less regarded by the organization by forcing the women to play on turf. How ridiculous. According to the article I just linked, a company, free of charge to FIFA, offered to put in grass over the turf. FIFA said no.

Saturday’s games will be:

Canada (host nation) versus China PR at 3:00 p.m. PT

New Zealand versus Netherlands at 6:00 p.m. PT

USA will be on Monday at 4:30 p.m. PT

Here is the FIFA website for matches and their times. It’s excellent because you can change it to your time. As silly as it sounds, I have tried to find the game on multiple websites and a lot of them are hard to understand or just plain wrong. I downloaded a calendar to my iCal and it is totally wrong.


Group A: Canada, Netherlands, China, New Zealand

Group B: Germany, Norway, Ivory Coast, Thailand

Group C: Japan, Switzerland, Cameroon, Equador

Group D: USA, Sweden, Australia, Nigeria

Group E: Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica, South Korea

Group F: France, England, Mexico, Colombia

USA Team:

I included the link above but the highlights for me are:

Wow. She is so beautiful

Megan Rapinoe: She is a Midfielder who takes a slew of corner kicks and happens to be my favorite player. She plays for the Seattle Reign FC when she is not amazing in World Cup or Olympic matches. She is 29 years old.

Abby Wambach: She is a forward and who everyone will be watching. She is one of the most recognized soccer players in the world and for good reason.  She is known for her headers. She played on the 2003, 2007, and  2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. You may have last remembered her when she got punched in the Olympics by Lady Andrade that did not even get a card, despite Abby having a black eye the next day. She has been awarded the 2011 ESPY for Best Play and was voted the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year.

Alex Morgan: Forward. She has had some ankle issues that I hope resolve. She is a fun player to watch and has an amazing chemistry with Abby Wambach. She always seems to be in the right place.

Sydney Leroux: Forward. I like her, but she does not have the same chemistry with the team that Alex Morgan does. I’m excited to see how her play has progressed.

She looks amazing

The player I do not like at all is Carli Lloyd. I’ve written about her before. I feel like she only half-asses her play. She runs when she wants to and I think the midfield suffers for it. I’m sure I will be posting again how much I dislike this player.

There has been some heat on goalie Hope Solo. I’m not sure where I stand on all of that. However, I am excited to see her play. I like her intensity on the field.

Let the games begin!

FIFA Scandal

Every blog in America and the rest of the world right now is saying the exact same thing I am saying.

Is anyone surprised?

This is not new. The topic of FIFA’s corruption was address by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver back on 6/8/2014. Anyone who remotely pays attention to soccer knows how bad it is. However, back to John Oliver, I highly recommend you find that episode and watch it. He is hilarious and he gets it exactly right.

Here is the gist of what happened. Swiss authorities raided the FIFA headquarters in Zurich and the Baur au Lac Hotel in Switzerland. At the same time, in Miami, the FBI and IRS raided the headquarters for CONCACAF – they preside over North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Some of my favorite things that I have read is “nine current or former FIFA officials face extradition to the U.S. after a 24-year probe into soccer corruption.”

What? 24 years!

Who takes that long to lead an investigation of an entity as corrupt as FIFA?


There are lots of absurd things, like awarding Qatar the FIFA World Cup.

Not shockingly, sponsors are questioning whether or not to stay involved with FIFA after this scandal. In my opinion,  shame on them for sponsoring them in the first place. The reality is neither Coca-Cola or Adidas have actually pulled out yet.

Shame on them for not pulling out despite the racketeering corruption, but more so for the death toll involved with FIFA to begin with. FIFA placed the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a location that has nothing at all in place for the event and needs to build it all from scratch. This is being done essentially with slave labor brought in from other countries because Qatar does not have workers. It is stated that 1 Nepalese worker dies every 2 days. There is an expected death toll of 4,000 migrant workers before the 2022 event. I mean, does that even compute to people? These workers will DIE building a stadium for FIFA. FIFA should not let a country win hosting responsibilities if it means that to hold the event, 4,000 people will die in the prospective host country. Who does that?

So shame on corporations who would want to sponsor this sort of thing.

I should also note that the Qatari officials would not release the Nepalese workers to go home after the earthquake because of the pressure to complete the project (building the FIFA stadiums) on time.

If you are not aware how the migrant workers are being handled and what arrangement that have with Qatar, it is as follows. Migrant workers sign up to work in the country and are sponsored by a company. The company has to provide the workers with an exit permit to leave the country. So what happens is these workers don’t get all of their pay, very little of it is paid in advance so that they can send it to their families, and there can be no complaints — because the workers will then never be able to leave again. Workers can’t switch jobs, because, again, it is the company that sponsors them. These migrant workers have very little power so they are forced to work in conditions that are horrifying, and, thus, why so many are dying.

Now, do you understand why the companies wouldn’t let their workers go home to grieve their families in Nepal? That’s because they know the workers will probably never come back.

This scandal is huge. Well, I don’t know if it is a scandal, because everyone knew it was going on. Perhaps we should call a spade a spade.

This is finally someone giving a shit and doing something about it.

Gay marriage to be legal in The Republic of Ireland

Congrats!Wow! This is huge! One of the most Catholic countries in the world, The Republic of Ireland, has seemingly changed their constitution to allow same-sex marriage.

What a gigantic win for LGBTQ rights! I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is how it happens, one step at a time. Of course, for those of us that want equal rights for the LGBTQ community, these changes can’t happen fast enough, but I for one am thrilled that this has happened.

I think what is so surprising about it is the religious aspect to this win. 84% of The Republic of Ireland is Catholic. Here in America, the largest group of people against legalizing gay marriage are the religious. For such a strong, Catholic country as Ireland to approve gay marriage is impressive. I truly hope it helps lead the way for more legalization here in America.

Everyone deserves to love whomever they want and to be loved by whomever. Love is so precious, it should be celebrated when anyone has the chance to find it.

Congratulations for the win LGBTQ community!

I just don’t care about deflategate

I just don’t care about deflategate. I really don’t. I know, I know, but there are all these rules … and regulations … and people cheated …

Let’s make this simple.

My thoughts on this case

Tom Brady probably knew the balls were deflated –

I don’t care

There are rules about ball inflation –

I don’t care

It gave the Patriots an advantage –

Due to ball inflation? I don’t care

This taints Tom Brady’s legacy –

No it doesn’t

This taints the Patriots legacy –

No it doesn’t

The Patriots didn’t deserve to win the Super Bowl –

Don’t be absurd, of course they did

Tom Brady should be suspended for 8 weeks to the whole season –

Don’t be absurd, no he doesn’t

I feel like the NFL is making a much bigger deal out of this than they should. People are up in arms over the inflation of the ball and about the fact that a rule was broken. First off, get rid of the rule. If Aaron Rodgers likes the ball overinflated and Tom Brady likes it under inflated, who gives a shit? People who would complain about this type of thing (I’m looking at you Colts) are fucking ridiculous. The Colts should have invested their time into a better running back and not trying to operate some stupid fucking sting operation.

Also, I really don’t think the fans care about ball inflation. It’s an ancillary fact, a minor detail that is an individual’s preference. If an under inflated ball gave everyone an advantage it might move one millimeter up on my “who gives a fuck” meter, but that’s not the case. Aaron Rodgers has said he likes it overinflated. So there you are – case by case issue that’s not even an issue. The mere fact that Tom Brady had to sneak around the get the balls to feel the way he wants them to is absurd. Just fix the rule.

While we are at it, let’s talk about other things in the NFL I don’t give a fuck about.

These stupid marijuana suspensions. I don’t give a shit. Some player wants to smoke a little weed in his downtime, by all means, go ahead. Who cares? I know, I know, it’s about player reputation and how the kids view their idols. But dope? And suspensions over it? Come on.

Suspending a player because he doesn’t want to speak to the media. I don’t give a shit. Absolutely zero fucks given. Those post game conferences are so stupid they make my skin crawl. I can not imagine having to sit through them. Get rid of them. If they can’t be eliminated, then how about shorten them to two minutes. If you have an important question to ask, then it can be asked in two minutes. There is no need to drag out over, what, 30 minutes to an hour about why the Packers lost to the Hawks in the NFC championship game? How many times can they say they blew it? Asking how does Aaron Rodgers feel after a loss like that? How do you think asshole?

Things I do give a shit about?

NFL International series – you do realize how moronic that sounds .. National Football League International …idiots

1. Player safety.

Suh, Incognito, Raiola, and the entire Saints defense are the true scandals of the game. To go out and try and hurt another player is immoral. That’s a guy’s life – not just financially, but physically as well. The pain that some of these players will endure for the rest of their lives will be traumatic, why would a fellow champion of the NFL try and diminish another human’s quality of life? That is something I care about.

2. Getting the penalties and flags right in a game.

There is nothing worse than getting a call wrong. That’s something I care about, not stupid PSI.

3. Adding teams to the playoffs.

Just don’t do it.

stop smiling asshole

4. Games in London.

Just fucking stop with this bullshit already. There is no way it is fair for Seattle, Oakland or another west coast team to have to fly all the way to London for a game. An east coast team playing a west coast team in London is the definition of unfair.

NFL, stop being so fucking greedy. Play a damn preseason game over there if you want. No regular season games. Stop being assholes.

5. Women not getting beat by NFL players. Women not getting raped by now NFL players.

Ricky Williams wanting to smoke some pot doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s not even in the same spectrum. He didn’t knock someone unconscious. He didn’t pull up at a stop light and execute someone. Ricky Williams was suspended from the Miami Dolphins for 4 games for testing positive for weed. Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely, but low and behold, he won his appeal. Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murder. We now have a number one draft pick with Jameis Winston, who is now counter suing his accuser. My, God. I would be so unbelievably pissed if the Packers had signed Winston. I know, I know, Aaron Rodgers isn’t going anywhere. I’m just saying in a world where the Packers needed a QB and Jameis Winston was available, I would disown the Packers if they drafted him.

Because that is something I care about. Not these piddly marijuana rules, not how much air should be in a ball.

Deflategate? Who gives a shit …



Go For Two: Green Bay Packers Draft Selection

Well, it’s over. We know who we drafted. Here is the list:


Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.42.44 PM


I like the fact that overall our first two picks were defense. Clearly, that is our need. It was a bit tough on us this year in the draft as our designated picks in each round were quite late. That’s tough. However, in years past, we have received some great picks in later rounds, albeit a little bit earlier in the round.

Jordy Nelson: 2nd round pick 36 overall

Randall Cobb: 2nd round pick 64 overall

Davante Adams: 2nd round pick 53 overall

Clay Matthews: 1st round 26th overall

Greg Jennings: 2nd round 52 overall

Tramon Williams: Undrafted free agent (in my opinion one of the best)

What I can not understand is drafting another wide receiver. I best see someone on special teams returning the ball instead of Hyde and Cobb.

Everyone can speculate all they want as to who was a good draft pick and who wasn’t. I can’t imagine a world where Aaron Rodgers is not our QB. However, I could have said the same thing in 2003. Yet, in 2007, I was screaming during the NFC championship game against the NY Giants to put “whoever the fucking backup is” in the game. Farve just looked cold and like he didn’t want to be there. It was overtime. He threw an interception. It’s what he did. The reason he was so “fun” to watch was you never knew the outcome because he was always making great/break decisions.

Now, my favorite player of all time is Aaron Rodgers — over Favre. Well, that wasn’t a hard choice as Rodgers is more consistent, a nicer guy, and so far, hasn’t sent dick-pics and cried on stage about retiring only to try and come back the very same year.

Only time will tell. I look forward to seeing the outcome.

Go Pack Go.




Go For Two: My thoughts on the Green Bay Packers 2015 schedule

Yay! The 2015 NFL schedule came out!

A few days ago the NFL 2015 schedule came out. Yay! I love any and all information about the NFL. Well, save for the unending information that is coming out of the Philadelphia Eagles headquarters. Chip Kelly is really going bat-shit crazy with his new role as the Eagles personnel manager. He now has on his QB roster: Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and Mark Sanchez. Although, Tim’s contract is for zero guaranteed.

Now there is talk that he is going to make a three-way trade to get Mariota.

On to the good stuff …

Here is the schedule for the Green Bay Packers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.08.39 PM
















The first thing that jumps out to me is that we don’t have the NFL opening kickoff game. Phew. That has really stung us the last few years. There is a lot of talk about how the Packers have started the past few seasons with a 1-2 start, however that doesn’t take into account our opening games.

2014 Seattle Seahawks (NFL Opening kickoff game). GB lost in spectacular fashion in the NFC Championship game to the Seattle Seahawks. Started season 1-2.

2013 San Francisco 49ers (lost the year before to SF in the divisional round). Started 1-2.

2012 San Francisco 49ers. Started season 1-2.

2011 New Orleans Saints (NFL Opening kickoff game) Lost to the Giants this year in the divisional round. The Giants went on to win the Super Bowl. We went 15-1 this year.

So as you can see, we started the last 3 years with a 1-2 season, but we played the Super Bowl champions and the 49ers that have been our Achilles Heel the past few years.

We needed a first game break, and we got it this year. Although, we do see Seattle the second week. I don’t know that we are going to beat them this year either, however, in our favor is home field advantage. I do think the NFC Championship game would have turned out differently if we had had home field advantage last year.

Complaints: I think the NFL is over Green Bay. I do not think it is fair to have 4 back to back divisional games, especially in the middle of the season. If someone gets hurt there is no cushion. I think that is ridiculous. I also don’t love the fact that there are two Thursday games, although, we do play on Thanksgiving, as do the Lions, and the Lions also have back to back Thursday games, so at least there is some divisional fairness there.


Image courtesty of SFGGothamClub First thoughts on teams. Ugh. I really don’t want to have to play Seattle again, but our nemesis, the 49ers, are going to have an absolutely shit year. What idiots those losers are. To fire their coach (I don’t care what the press releases say, that was a firing), demolish their defense, and as for their offense … jeez. They have no running back. I’m not quite certain who their receivers are this year. I will say this, the Santa Clara Niners have unveiled that all the 2016 Super Bowl activities will be held in downtown San Francisco, in Herman Plaza and on Market street leading up to the Ferry Building. It is called Fan Village. Fuck you guys. We all know Santa Clara is awful. Niners – you want to move your team to Santa Clara? Then deal with the repercussions and get out of my (well, old) city. Don’t bogart the city you left. Try and entertain people in your strip malls in Santa Clara. Yeah, I’m hating, so what?

Thoughts on the division: Look, I don’t know what to say about the Bears. Jay Cutler seems to have lost the confidence of not only his locker room, but the entire NFL. The Bears just lost Brandon Marshall, which is a big deal for Cutler as he was basically the one who wanted Marshall brought over from Denver. Speaking of Denver, John Fox is now the coach of the Bears. That makes me nervous. I can’t think for the life of me why Denver let go of Fox to get … Kubiak? Overall, over 13 years, John Fox has 119 wins and 89 losses. His last 4 years with Denver he has a win record of 46 wins and 18 losses. That’s a .719 percentage. Gary Kubiak over 8 years has 61 wins and 64 loses. That’s a .488 percentage. Why on Earth would you make that trade? I think you always have to ask yourself, who are you going to get better if you let the current person go? If the answer is no one, then you stay with who you have.

Detroit is interesting this year as they have lost Suh. The Vikings are on the brink. They are teetering just at being a winning team. When I look at the GBP schedule, I do not think of the Vikings as an easy win.

The NFL Draft is coming up soon, I’m pretty excited. I still want to draft a defensive coordinator, but, from what I understand, that’s not what the draft is about. Darn it! I am looking to get a tight-end, even though Rodgers likes Rodgers. I would like more of a blocking tight-end. Mostly, on defense, we need to replace A.J. Hawk and we need a shutdown corner. That is what I would be looking for in the draft. Based on our schedule, with the Hawks, Niners, and Vikings, we need to draft someone who can stop a Quarterback from moving outside of the pocket, more specifically, making long runs like Kaepernick has done to us in years past and what Russell Wilson did to us in the NFC Championship game. You remember the play, the broken play where Ha Ha Clinton Dix was left standing there like an idiot and our outside linebacker #53 Nick Perry left his man.

Until next time!