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Go For Two: Water Cooler Topics For Week 17

Week 17! There is no need to talk about players, or team personalities, it’s the time of the year of win or go home, win and get a bye, and still for the sorry few — playing for some trace amount of respect.

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Somehow, the Cowboys managed to do it again. They are like the annoying little brother you have to take everywhere with you, because Mom said so. Why, oh, why do the Cowboys have to be considered the game of the week! Why do they get the prime time slot? Ugh. It’s because it’s win or go home for the Cowboys. But if you don’t like the Cowboys, which a lot of people don’t, we have to watch this game. This is why a lot of us hate the Cowboys — because they are shoved down our throats. I know this is one football fan who hopes they do the latter, and GO HOME!

courtesy of totalpackers.comAlso, I like Washington. I like RGIII. He’s like Aaron Rodgers, you’re happy he’s your quarterback, not just because he is an exceptional athlete, but because you would want to hang out with the guy. Sorry Andrew Luck, you look like a psychopath. In fact, if I saw Mr. Luck walking on my side of the street, as a woman, I might cross over to the other side of the street as soon as I got a chance. Tony Romo, I wouldn’t cross over to the other side of the street if I saw you, I’d take the opportunity to punch you in your face and wipe away that stupid grin of yours. But I digress.

The real game of the week to watch is …

Packers at Vikings 4:25PM ET

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People like me

This game is important for a ton of reasons. It is crucial to multiple teams for seeding. If Green Bay wins, they are the second seed and get a bye. If the Pack loses, and the Niners win against the Cardinals, the Niners get the second seed. It’s important for Seattle, because if the Seahawks win, and the Packers and 49ers lose, then the Seahawks will actually get the first round bye. As for the Vikings, if they win, they are in, if they lose, they need help with the Bears, Giants, and Cowboys all losing.

This game is also critical to watch to see if Adrian Peterson breaks Dickerson’s record.

You know what? This is just simple math. This game is way more important than the stupid Cowboys.

Makes me hate the Cowboys even more.

Some other games to watch the scoreboard due to playoff implications.

Bears at Lions 1:00PM ET
Eagles at Giants 1:00PM ET
Rams at Seahawks 4:25PM ET
Dolphins at Patriots 4:25PM ET
Chiefs at Broncos 4:25PM ET
Cardinals at 49ers 4:25PM ET

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