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Get To Know Madeline Fresco Month – Top Ten Lists

This week, the final week of Get To Know Madeline Fresco Month, will be dedicated to favorite sports.

1. NFL – the whole thing from preseason to Super Bowl

2. March Madness

3. NBA playoffs

4. World Cup Soccer

5. MMA

6. Wimbledon

7. Summer Olympics

8. EPL

9. MLB – but only to sit in the stadium and eat ballpark food

10. Stanley Cup Playoffs


Good tidbits:

Favorite football team = Green Bay Packers

2nd favorite football team = Any team with Peyton Manning on the team

Favorite NBA team =  Pistons, although, they have been so bad lately (Detroit baby!)

Favorite World Cup Soccer team = USA Women’s team

EPL favorite team = Chelsea

NHL favorite team = Red Wings

MLB = tie between Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants.

Favorite tennis player of all time = Andre Agassi

Fondest memory of Wimbledon is sitting on the couch in my parent’s house with my brother every summer watching Wimbledon.

Fondest memory of NFL is 2011 when Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl

Fondest memory of MLB is sitting in Giants stadium with my friend Gail eating hotdogs. 2nd favorite is barely a memory, but of being at old Tiger’s Stadium with my dad.


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