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Get To Know Madeline Fresco Month – Top Ten Lists

I figured I would make this Get To Know Madeline Fresco Month. I’ll do top ten lists of things that I like and such. This week, I’ll start with something easy — something we all like … television shows!

Here is my top ten television shows of all time.

Breaking Bad: The single best written show of all time. Some episodes only spanned a few hours, but those hours were the most tense, loaded shows. I remember watching one of the early episodes called the Bag’s In The River. Walt has crazy 8 tied up in the basement. Walt doesn’t know if he should kill him. He doesn’t want to. Then, he sees the plate. That plate changed Walt’s entire life. After that day, Walter White would never be the same.

Deadwood: Shakespeare in the Wild West. One of the best written shows I have ever seen. The end? Tell him something pretty? I love that line. It signifies the whole show … and the image we have of the Wild West. We’ve romanticized it. We’ve told ourselves something pretty. It was far from pretty.

Felicity: I love this show. It started off slow, but when it hit it’s stride it was nothing but perfection. J.J.Abrams is notorious for bailing on his shows. Felicity, his first bailout, was so awful that when the series concluded fans were so upset at how bad it was, J.J. came back and wrote a few more episodes. Those episodes saved the show, the memory of the show, and makes it one of my all-time greatest shows.

Friends: This show was chemistry at it’s finest. Even now, how many years later? I will gladly watch reruns of this show.

Arrested Development: This show is so great it goes beyond words. Here is how you know it is genius. Try and explain why an episode is funny to someone who has never watched it. It is nearly impossible. It is because the humor is so subtle, there are so many callbacks, and the writing is impeccable.

House: Just a great show.

The Wonder Years: Such a well-written coming of age story. Kevin and Winnie – oh, how I wanted to be friends with you guys. Set in the late 60’s early 70’s it felt authentic. The finale of the Wonder Years? Now that is how you write a series finale.

Game of Thrones: This show is so good it’s ridiculous. It’s already on my top ten even though it hasn’t concluded. That’s how good it is. However, before the last season of Dexter came out, I would have put that in a top ten list. Oh, what one bad season can do to the longevity of a once great show.

ER: Medical dramas are nothing new. This one though, felt like nothing anyone had ever seen before. It still maintained it’s integrity despite the revolving door of actors over the years. All you have to do is ask someone if they like ER — I bet the answer is yes.

LOST: The show is still on my top ten list despite me nearly stopping watching it a million times. I swore I wasn’t going to watch it anymore, then? They get off the island! Mind blown. This show did barely make it on due to the horrible last few episodes and a series finale that was stupid.

Honorable mentions:

Dexter: Cut from my list because the last season was so not in tune with the rest. The series finale – the worst series finale I have ever, ever seen. So bad, I can’t put it on my top ten list.

Angel: I loved this show. I’m not sure that is is so good that I can put it in my top ten. However, I will always, always watch a rerun.

South Park: It is timeless. It pushes the envelope. It’s also been on for so long I think we all forget how much it pushed the envelope when it first started during a time when this show skyrocketed past any safe line. Best episodes: Marjorine and Trapped in the Closet.

Next week I’ll give you another top ten list. Maybe favorite actors? Favorite places I’ve been to? Who knows!

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