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Go For Two: February really is the loneliest month

Rodgers, you are so sexy; I’d be staring at you the whole time as well

February is the worst time of year. It begins the season of drought –my beloved NFL season is over.

This year, it is particularly hard to let go of the NFL for three reasons: the end of the season for the Packers was such a good one, an excellent, albeit, heartbreaking NFC Championship game, and a pretty spectacular Super Bowl.

The question in February is always, now what?

It’s not hockey. I just don’t like it; although, that is probably terrible of me to say, seeing as I’m from Detroit, a.k.a., Hockeytown. I’ve been to countless games; I still just don’t care.

I know what you are thinking … what about the NBA? The NBA has been a little lackluster lately. I recently moved to San Diego, and there isn’t a NBA team here. The closest are: LA Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and the Phoenix Suns.


You be you; thank you for that

I can’t root for the Lakers, because … let’s be serious. I can’t root for the Clippers after that Chris Paul statement. Nothing brings out the feminist in me more than stating: “If that’s the case, this might not be for her.”

Yeah. You know what’s not for me? Rooting for a team whose star player would say something like that.

As for the Suns. I don’t know … I don’t have anything against them, just … meh.

My Detroit Pistons are doing better this year, so I will probably watch a game or two, but not with the fevered intensity that I’m looking for in a sports event.

February really is the loneliest month.

Things will pick up in March though. I adore March Madness and will be ready with time scheduled for an intensive 4 day Sports Center viewing binge with brackets in hand. I love my Michigan State Spartans and wish them the best this year.

The only thing is, it’s just a brief reprieve – March 15th into the very beginning of April. April 6th is the Championship game.

Then, almost a whole month without any sports, until …

The best-of-the-best glimpse into what we are really missing! NFL football! The 2015 NFL draft will be held in Chicago this year (the first time it hasn’t been in New York since 1965) from April 30th to May 2nd.

However, on the boredom between NFL seasons debacle, there is good news this year. There is one more tasty treat to tie me over until the beginning of the 2015 NFL season. FIFA Women’s World Cup! I am so super excited for this. I am in love with our Women’s National Team. I can’t wait to see who will make the team (although, I just looked for my favorite player, Rapinoe, and I don’t see her! WTH?!). I wonder if my beloved Japanese team will be good this year? What about the German team? So many stories yet to unfold. That starts June 6th and runs until July 5th. Here is the FIFA Women’s World Cup schedule.

Then, nothingness. Zero until Thursday September 10th — the opening game of the NFL season. The Patriots get this honor and, although the team has not been determined yet, I do believe that it will be Denver or Dallas. They like to highlight a hard-fought battle from the year before, and those two teams look like the best choices. However, side note, go check out the 2015 Patriots opponents. They could repeat this year easily. Maybe not repeat a Super Bowl win, but repeat going to the big game. Jacksonville? Houston? Titans? Wow.

I know what you are thinking — I forgot baseball. Don’t be ridiculous. You go to a baseball game for the food and the beer in the cheapest bleacher seats you can find. You don’t go to watch the game. You certainly don’t stay home and put the game on. I have tried. My really good friend loves the San Francisco Giants. I watched a few select games from the playoffs. It’s just … not for me.

Ho-hum. I already miss you, NFL. I will fill the void with mere substitutes of you for the next few months, with the only real reprieves coming from March Madness and FIFA Women’s World Cup.

See you soon. Love you.

Go Pack Go.