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I love the World Cup – what a great final!

Wow! What a game that was! I couldn’t believe how exciting that game was! It started off so strong! Argentina was really coming on fast. I was kind of worried about my team Germany at that point. The marking of the Argentina players of the German players was outstanding. No big open spaces for the Germans to pass in this game!

Some of the shots on goal in the beginning by Argentina were great. It didn’t remain so, but they started strong.

I felt like the first half of the game was won by Argentina. The second half however, was dominated by Germany. Too bad they couldn’t capitalize on it then.

And, so, it went into overtime. Which I was happy about. I really wanted Germany to win, and I felt like Germany was wearing down the Argentina players.

Messi didn’t look so great. His shots were off, he had balls stolen from him, and he just didn’t seem to be playing his best ball. I think we can all agree that Germany really did a great job of taking him out of his game.

Then, that beautiful goal! It was so perfect. One touch then off his boot! Oh, so lovely! Plus, sadly, since I was streaming it, my girlfriend texted my yahoo (!) a minute before the actual goal, so I got to watch the whole thing develop. It was kinda good and bad to be alerted to the goal coming up!

I’m glad that the game didn’t end in PK’s. While exciting, it’s not satisfying if your team loses that way. I know it is all part of the game, but you want a goal, or at least I do. I want the satisfaction of the team work. Not the odds being against one poor goalie. It is so hard to stop a penalty kick.

Oh, and my lovely, lovely goalie that I think is so handsome got the golden glove! Sweet. He is so cute. I really hate it when girls watch sports and then comment on how attractive a player is, but, this man steals my heart.

Not totally sure Messi should have won the Golden Ball. His performance was not so great in the final, so I’m thinking no.

I did like how German Chancellor Merkel hugged the entire German team, especially Manuel Neuer. So nice! You go girl!


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