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NFC North 2015 Preview — NFC North vs NFC West

NFC West logoThis week is my NFC North preview of the NFC West.

This year, the NFC North pulled the AFC West and the NFC West as their divisions to rotate through.

Everyone in the NFC North (Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, and Vikings) will play everyone in the NFC West (Arizona, San Francisco, Seattle, and St. Louis).

Let’s preview that in alphabetical order.

Arizona (2014 standing 11-5. 2nd in division. Wild Card #1.):

Arizona had absolutely the worst luck any team had last season. They were primed to go to the Super Bowl in their hometown. That was, until they went through two quarterbacks and wound up on their 3rd string. Yes, they went into the playoffs with their 3rd string.


Bruce Arians won the 2014 Coach of the year award and beyond a shadow of a doubt he deserved it. He received 39.5 votes. The runner up, Bill O’Brien, received 3.

Arians is back, as is his Offensive Coordinator Harold Goodwin. However, the Cards lost their Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles (Head Coach of the New York Jets, replacing, in turn, Sexy Rexy) and replaced him with James Bettcher.

Rounding out the roster is QB Carson Palmer. Honestly, how is this dude still around? I feel like he retired decades ago. He’s kind of like those television shows that you really thought were cancelled, but ran for a lot longer than anyone ever realized.

According to Jim = 8 seasons

King of the Hill = 13 seasons

Scrubs = 9 seasons

Rules of Engagement = 6 years

How does Carson Palmer stack up?

Drafter in 2003. Yes, 2003. He was drafted first pick overall.

He is indeed the starting quarterback fro the Arizona Cardinals.

There is nothing left to say after that.

I drop the mic.

Depth chart:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.07.20 PM


To note, the Cards got Mr. Irrelevant this year Gerald Christian. If anyone can make Gerarld the man, it’s Brice Arians.

Here is their schedule:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 7.59.32 PM

San Francisco (2014 standings 8-8. 3rd in division.):

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

You idiots.

Jim Harbaugh is out, Jim Tomsula is in.

Jim Harbaugh:

2011 = Lost to NYG in NFC Championship game

2012 = Lost in Super Bowl to the Ravens

2013 = Lost to Seattle in NFC Championship game

2014 = 8-8, missed playoffs

SF fired him. Ridiculous.

Jim Tomsula has never been a head coach.

Other key players lost:

Frank Gore

Michael Crabtree

Chris Culliver

Perish Cox

Mike Lupati

Patrick Willis

Chris Borland

Justin Smith

Aldon Smith

That’s all I have to say about this team. I mean, that says enough.

Here is the schedule:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.53.50 AM

The only other thing I will say is the the Niners organization is going to have a really, really hard time filling their seats. They are way, way too expensive, 49ers fans are fair-weather, and the stadium will be stifling hot in the first few games. They really blew their was on this one.

Seattle (2014 standings 12-4. 1st in division. First round bye. Home field throughout.):

Seattle is looking to be positioned right at the head of the NFC class again this year. With their players healthy (I don’t even want to TALK about Jordy Nelson) and not much turnover, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Head coach is still Pete Carroll. I still find him infinitely annoying. I’d take Jim Caldewell’s stoic nature over this Willy Wonka any day.

Darrell Bevel, the offensive coordinator is back, however, the defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn has been replaced by Kris Richard. Richard followed Carroll over from USC and has been the defensive back coach since 2012. Dan Quinn was hired by the Atlanta Falcons to become their head coach, ultimately replacing there Mike Smith. Mike Smith was fired from Atlanta after have two consecutive losing season, 4-12 & 6-10.

As for players, major loses were starting cneter Max Unger and corner back Bryon Maxwell.

Additions were Jimmy Graham, Cary Williams and Will Blackmon.


Seattle 2015 Depth Chart


Seattle 2015 Schedule

St. Louis (2014 standings 6-10. Last in division.):

Wow. The Rams. What do you say about this team? Each year I think they are going to do better than what they do.

Jeff Fisher is still the head coach and executive vice president. Perhaps the president thing is a problem. He has been with the Rams since 2012, however, he has not had a winning season since 2008.

Jeff Fisher

I’m totally not sure what’s going on here.

Nick Foles is the quarterback. You might remember the trade with the Eagles – Sam Bradford went to the Eagles with his two ACL tears and Nick Foles came to the Rams. It’s still a head-scratcher.

Here is the roster:

St. Louis Rams Depth Chart

The primary running back, as you can see, and we all had to look up is Tre Mason. He was 20th overall with 765 rushing yards last year. His receiving yards was 16 receptions for 148 yards. Hmm.

The primary receiver is, I guess, Kenny Britt. He had 48 receptions last year for a total of 748 yards.

I can’t continue this. The outlook is poor for this Rams team.

St. Louis Rams, despite how bad the Niners will be this year, I still think you will be satisfying the 4th place in the NFC West division.

Here is the schedule:

St. Louis Rams Schedule

As always, Go Pack Go!