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Congratulations USA Women’s World Cup Team!

Oh my God! How amazing was that game yesterday! I could not believe it! I don’t know why it seemed like they were playing at lighting speed! Was it the turf? Was it just the enthusiasm? What was it!

I’m not sure if it was the turf, because I watched a few minutes of the England versus France game today and it was not nearly as exciting.

First off, Hope Solo made 3 phenomenal saves in the first half. Not saves of the fashion where a player essentially kicks the ball right in her hands. No. These were shots on goal that would test the best of the best goal keepers. Hope Solo made saves that solidify her position as one of the best goalies around. Men or women.

Also, I’m clearly not on the Rapinoe bandwagon after this game, because I have clearly stated in my past posts how much I adore her. I was loving all the media attention she was getting to the lead up to the World Cup. I feel slightly like I had a secret that no one else knew about going into this game, but that secret has been exposed for it’s full glory. Megan Rapinoe is amazing!

Not only did she score two goals, but her ball handling skills in the game were phenomenal. Her give and goes were flawless. Her field awareness was impeccable.

My only complaint was that her corners were a bit off.

I think that the criticism of Abby Wambach was unjustified.

I did call it for forward Leroux. She just seems to, I don’t know. She gets the ball and either loses it or doesn’t capitalize on it. She did have that one tackle that was outstanding. I hope she improves as the World Cup progresses cause I really still like her and want good things for her.

I was so excited to see Alex Morgan in the game at the end! I hope she is 100% and can be a starter for Friday’s match.

As for Carli Lloyd. She was a non-issue. She seemed to be doing better than her other midfielders. She kept pace with the game this time and I didn’t see her being lazy. Kudos to her for actually being a team player.

The blonde, Johnston, impressed. I saw her in a friendly score an amazing goal so I was keen on seeing her play again. I really like her spunk, her ball handling, and her ability to, once she decides to move forward with the ball, take a shot. However, I feel very nervous about the defenders this year.


I was not particularly impressed with Sauerbrunn or Krieger. I will withhold judgement until I can see more games.

I would like to see the numbers on the back of their jerseys more prominently displayed or apparent. I like to know who has the ball and who is doing what. It makes me enjoy the game more to know and be familiar with the players. I get that it is a team sport, and some people prefer to be anonymous, but that is not my preference. I like to be able to keep track of players and have favorites.

The next game is this Friday at 5:00 pm PT against Sweden. So far the standings are as follows (points):

USA: 3

Sweden: 1

Nigeria: 1

Australia: 0

Good luck USA!

Congrats to the USA Women’s Team!

A huge congratulations goes out to the USA women’s soccer team. They won gold yesterday against an amazing Japanese team.

I would have posted yesterday, but I was too busy enjoying the game and trying not to jump out of my seat because it wouldn’t be good for my injured back.

I love women’s soccer. I love the heart of the players on the team, each having their own unique identities. Hope Solo. I love those eyes, the way she moves when she launches her body in front of a ball, her little wink to Christie Rampone when she saved a threat on goal from a defensive mistake by Rampone. I love Alex Morgan, who goes for every ball, every single time. Wambach and her thumbs up encouragement.

And my all time favorite, Megan Rapinoe. She has such spunk, such drive and such an amazing on-field presence. I could watch her play all day and all night.

But let’s not forget Japan. They are my second favorite team. I love their goalie. Fukumoto is a gifted, gifted player. The constant driving to the goal by Ohno — what a delight to watch! And Sawa — a named synonymous with Japanese soccer.

So there it is. Olympic soccer at its best. I don’t want to hear about how it’s almost as good as men’s soccer. It’s not comparable. I like women’s soccer. I don’t like men’s soccer. I don’t need people to constantly compare the two. People, I get it. Everyone wants to compare men versus women, but why? Why can’t women’s soccer just be about watching masters play the sport?

And if you have any further questions, just look up our records. All of our gold. What men’s team can say the same?

USA Women’s Soccer

I am loving the women’s Olympic soccer. It’s like seeing old friends again. Megan Rapinoe was my favorite from World Cup and is now delightful to watch in the Olympics. She’s so spunky and she plays hard the entire game. What an athlete!!

Can’t wait to see the girls play against North Korea.

Good luck ladies!!!!