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Congrats to the USA Women’s Team!

A huge congratulations goes out to the USA women’s soccer team. They won gold yesterday against an amazing Japanese team.

I would have posted yesterday, but I was too busy enjoying the game and trying not to jump out of my seat because it wouldn’t be good for my injured back.

I love women’s soccer. I love the heart of the players on the team, each having their own unique identities. Hope Solo. I love those eyes, the way she moves when she launches her body in front of a ball, her little wink to Christie Rampone when she saved a threat on goal from a defensive mistake by Rampone. I love Alex Morgan, who goes for every ball, every single time. Wambach and her thumbs up encouragement.

And my all time favorite, Megan Rapinoe. She has such spunk, such drive and such an amazing on-field presence. I could watch her play all day and all night.

But let’s not forget Japan. They are my second favorite team. I love their goalie. Fukumoto is a gifted, gifted player. The constant driving to the goal by Ohno — what a delight to watch! And Sawa — a named synonymous with Japanese soccer.

So there it is. Olympic soccer at its best. I don’t want to hear about how it’s almost as good as men’s soccer. It’s not comparable. I like women’s soccer. I don’t like men’s soccer. I don’t need people to constantly compare the two. People, I get it. Everyone wants to compare men versus women, but why? Why can’t women’s soccer just be about watching masters play the sport?

And if you have any further questions, just look up our records. All of our gold. What men’s team can say the same?