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Gay marriage to be legal in The Republic of Ireland

Congrats!Wow! This is huge! One of the most Catholic countries in the world, The Republic of Ireland, has seemingly changed their constitution to allow same-sex marriage.

What a gigantic win for LGBTQ rights! I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is how it happens, one step at a time. Of course, for those of us that want equal rights for the LGBTQ community, these changes can’t happen fast enough, but I for one am thrilled that this has happened.

I think what is so surprising about it is the religious aspect to this win. 84% of The Republic of Ireland is Catholic. Here in America, the largest group of people against legalizing gay marriage are the religious. For such a strong, Catholic country as Ireland to approve gay marriage is impressive. I truly hope it helps lead the way for more legalization here in America.

Everyone deserves to love whomever they want and to be loved by whomever. Love is so precious, it should be celebrated when anyone has the chance to find it.

Congratulations for the win LGBTQ community!