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Go For Two: Rant of the week

As I was looking at the games in order to pick my game of the week, I noticed that San Francisco is playing Jacksonville in London.


I do not agree with the NFL playing games in London.

First off, a captain obvious geography lesson — San Francisco is clear on the west coast with Jacksonville on the east. That alone is a big trip for San Francisco to make, but then to add on having to go across the pond to London? That is a massive difference in time zones. It is completely unfair for a west coast team to have to travel to London and play a team that is on the east coast. How unfair for the Niners.

In this instance, one can talk their way out of it saying that the Niners have the edge because they are the way better team. However, for arguments sake, what if it was the Niners versus the Saints? Now who has the advantage? That would be a conference game against teams that very well may be playing for seeding in the playoffs.

It’s also not fair to fans. I would be mad if I had season tickets and one of my beloved home games was in London. What an awful way for the NFL to treat the fans they already have.

I know that the NFL wants to expand. I know that the NFL wants to make more money. However, doesn’t the NFL already make enough money?

The main goal of the NFL is to make expansion teams and a whole other division in Europe. However, there is already talk that it would water down the product. That their are not enough quality players to go around.

In my opinion, it’s greedy, places some teams at an unfair disadvantage, waters down the products, and treats the fans the NFL already has poorly.

I vote no. But, then again, the NFL didn’t ask me.


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