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36 Days. 7/36 Days Until Back Pain Is Gone

I love her


Crissy Field, San Francisco
It looks warm and sunny –nope! Cold!



Sometimes, there are bad days of back pain. Yesterday was one of them. I, stupidly, thought I could carry a bag of groceries four blocks. Wrong! A heating pad was my friend the rest of the night, so no walk. Instead, here are two pictures of Emma and I in better times. It is at Crissy Field, San Francisco.

36 Days. 6/36 Days Until Back Pain Is Gone

Day 6 of 36 days until my back pain is supposed to be gone. Still not gone, which is super frustrating. However, it is only day 6 of 36 so …

Panhandle, Haight, San Francisco

Today I went to the Panhandle of San Francisco. It is just north of the Haight. A little strip of grass between two of the busiest roads in San Francisco — Fell and Oak. It was gray over there, today, of course. It always amuses me, San Francisco. My best friend lives in Texas and her AC broke. She has been staying at friends’ houses just to survive. Here, I wore my winter coat …

36 days

Supposedly, my back is expected to be better in 36 days. I’m begging and pleading with my body to make that happen. I’m terrified that it will always be hurting. I have already spent 12 weeks with back pain and I’m ready for it to be done. Ready for the bouts of crying to be done. Ready to move on with my life.
So, for the next 36 days, every day I’m going to go somewhere new to walk. To take my mind off of my back if only for 30 minutes. At the end of this 36 day period, I am supposed to be so well that I can return to work. Okay. Great, I’m ready to start making that happen.