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Eligible Receiver

Hey all,

Just started writing for a new blog called Eligible Receiver. It’s an all women blog about football for men and women. Click here to link to the website.

I’ve copied my article for you all to read.

The NFL will have a female ref!


What? Shock, gasp, and awe. You are reading this right. The NFL has finally decided to break that proverbial glass ceiling and have a woman as a referee. Congratulations, Shannon Eastin! You have now achieved what so many true NFL fans have wanted all these years — to have a woman actually participate in the NFL, a woman in a role of respect and knowledge.

Originally reported by The Los Angeles Times, Shannon Eastin will be the referee this Thursday, August 9, 2012 for the Green Bay Packers versus San Diego Chargers preseason game.

I have yearned for something like this for so long. As a female fan of the NFL, I tire of seeing sportscasting as the only role for women in football. Even then, it seems a lot of the women sportscasters have no idea about the rules of the game, the history of the players they are interviewing, or the football news they are disseminating. Their job is to stand there, read a prompt card, and subtly move a stray, windblown hair away from their face. I would love a shot at an interview with Aaron Rodgers, to ask him real football questions. I was so annoyed by the end of Rodgers’ second year as the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers when all the interview questions seemed to hover around Brett Favre. By the time the Packers where in the playoffs, Favre should have been a moot point. Aaron Rodgers, not Brett Favre, had brought them to the playoffs. Yet stupid, inappropriate questions were still being asked.

So thank you, NFL, for finally giving a woman a role in professional football that is dignified and shows that we are equals. Rules are rules. It doesn’t take a man to read a rule book. We don’t need more “pretty faces” standing on the sidelines. What we need, are more Shannon Eastins.

Here is a link that lists Eastin’s credentials as an official.