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I just don’t care about deflategate

I just don’t care about deflategate. I really don’t. I know, I know, but there are all these rules … and regulations … and people cheated …

Let’s make this simple.

My thoughts on this case

Tom Brady probably knew the balls were deflated –

I don’t care

There are rules about ball inflation –

I don’t care

It gave the Patriots an advantage –

Due to ball inflation? I don’t care

This taints Tom Brady’s legacy –

No it doesn’t

This taints the Patriots legacy –

No it doesn’t

The Patriots didn’t deserve to win the Super Bowl –

Don’t be absurd, of course they did

Tom Brady should be suspended for 8 weeks to the whole season –

Don’t be absurd, no he doesn’t

I feel like the NFL is making a much bigger deal out of this than they should. People are up in arms over the inflation of the ball and about the fact that a rule was broken. First off, get rid of the rule. If Aaron Rodgers likes the ball overinflated and Tom Brady likes it under inflated, who gives a shit? People who would complain about this type of thing (I’m looking at you Colts) are fucking ridiculous. The Colts should have invested their time into a better running back and not trying to operate some stupid fucking sting operation.

Also, I really don’t think the fans care about ball inflation. It’s an ancillary fact, a minor detail that is an individual’s preference. If an under inflated ball gave everyone an advantage it might move one millimeter up on my “who gives a fuck” meter, but that’s not the case. Aaron Rodgers has said he likes it overinflated. So there you are – case by case issue that’s not even an issue. The mere fact that Tom Brady had to sneak around the get the balls to feel the way he wants them to is absurd. Just fix the rule.

While we are at it, let’s talk about other things in the NFL I don’t give a fuck about.

These stupid marijuana suspensions. I don’t give a shit. Some player wants to smoke a little weed in his downtime, by all means, go ahead. Who cares? I know, I know, it’s about player reputation and how the kids view their idols. But dope? And suspensions over it? Come on.

Suspending a player because he doesn’t want to speak to the media. I don’t give a shit. Absolutely zero fucks given. Those post game conferences are so stupid they make my skin crawl. I can not imagine having to sit through them. Get rid of them. If they can’t be eliminated, then how about shorten them to two minutes. If you have an important question to ask, then it can be asked in two minutes. There is no need to drag out over, what, 30 minutes to an hour about why the Packers lost to the Hawks in the NFC championship game? How many times can they say they blew it? Asking how does Aaron Rodgers feel after a loss like that? How do you think asshole?

Things I do give a shit about?

NFL International series – you do realize how moronic that sounds .. National Football League International …idiots

1. Player safety.

Suh, Incognito, Raiola, and the entire Saints defense are the true scandals of the game. To go out and try and hurt another player is immoral. That’s a guy’s life – not just financially, but physically as well. The pain that some of these players will endure for the rest of their lives will be traumatic, why would a fellow champion of the NFL try and diminish another human’s quality of life? That is something I care about.

2. Getting the penalties and flags right in a game.

There is nothing worse than getting a call wrong. That’s something I care about, not stupid PSI.

3. Adding teams to the playoffs.

Just don’t do it.

stop smiling asshole

4. Games in London.

Just fucking stop with this bullshit already. There is no way it is fair for Seattle, Oakland or another west coast team to have to fly all the way to London for a game. An east coast team playing a west coast team in London is the definition of unfair.

NFL, stop being so fucking greedy. Play a damn preseason game over there if you want. No regular season games. Stop being assholes.

5. Women not getting beat by NFL players. Women not getting raped by now NFL players.

Ricky Williams wanting to smoke some pot doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s not even in the same spectrum. He didn’t knock someone unconscious. He didn’t pull up at a stop light and execute someone. Ricky Williams was suspended from the Miami Dolphins for 4 games for testing positive for weed. Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely, but low and behold, he won his appeal. Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murder. We now have a number one draft pick with Jameis Winston, who is now counter suing his accuser. My, God. I would be so unbelievably pissed if the Packers had signed Winston. I know, I know, Aaron Rodgers isn’t going anywhere. I’m just saying in a world where the Packers needed a QB and Jameis Winston was available, I would disown the Packers if they drafted him.

Because that is something I care about. Not these piddly marijuana rules, not how much air should be in a ball.

Deflategate? Who gives a shit …



Go For Two: NFL Week 13 Games To Watch

The longest yard. (40 yards on a one-yard TD pass)

Here are the week 13 games to watch.

Seattle (7-4) at San Francisco (7-4) Thursday 8:30PM EST: Whoa. This is a HUGE game. Like, super-duper, out-of-control, don’t turn the dial HUGE. It has massive implications not just for the NFC West, but the rest of the NFC, well, save for the NFC South. The NFC South is just utter shit. The Lions, Packers, Seahawks, Niners, Cowboys and Eagles are all in the playoff race and those 2 wildcard spots are going to be really, really tough to get this year.

San Francisco has squeaked out some very close wins, games in my opinion, they did not deserve to win. Jim Harbaugh and company barely beat the Giants when Eli threw 5 interceptions. Then, the Niners barely beat Washington (17-13). This is not an impressive team. However, with wins comes a grace period. They have the ability to turn it around and get more definitive wins. Now is the time to start doing that as the Niners will face Seattle again December 14th.

This game is at home. If the Niners want to split the series, this is their best shot.

Niners may not be able to rely heavily on Frank Gore as Seattle only allows 88.4 rushing yards per game. Seattle is number 6 overall in rush defense. That means the Niners may be forced to pass more with Kaepernick. Kaepernick got a little lippy this week stating he will pass to whomever he wants.

Um, okay.

Sherman had his most favorite rant when Kaepernick last threw to “whoever’s open”.

Sherman said “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me.”

Good stuff.

Seattle needs to be careful of the sudden explosive play of the Niners. Even when the Niners look done for, they are not, like the game against the Saints. 1:34 left in the 4th quarter, 4th and 10, and Kaepernick saves the game, if not the season, with a 51 yard play to Crabtree.

This game will decide playoffs. Expect an insane level of play from both these teams.

Too cute

Patriots (9-2) at Packers (8-3) Sunday 4:25PM EST: The Patriots versus the Lions game told us a lot about the Patriots. The Lions had the best interior line in football and Brady still had 4-5 seconds to throw the ball. When Brady has that much time to throw the ball, someone is going to get open. In fact, there were times during that game when receivers were not covered at all. The receivers know their routes and execute them well. The Pats offense has really gelled in the last few weeks. It is very hard to defend against a perfectly timed comeback route. The attack of the Patriots is the short passing game. They move the chains and take time off the clock — keys to beating the Packers by keeping Aaron off the field.

Even cuter

Even cuter

If that isn’t scary enough, the Pats can also chew up Aaron’s time on the field with their run game. Blount had 2 TD’s against the Lions and 78 yards.  The week before, Jonas Gray rushed for 199 yards and had four touchdowns. The Patriots BENCHED HIM against the Lions because he was late to practice. Who benches a guy with that kind of production? The mother-fing Patriots do.

Yes, the Packers have an amazing offense and can totally handle this game. They just have to be on the field to do that.

That puts the game on our defense.

Oh, yeah. Crap.

Broncos (8-3) at Kansas City (7-4) Sunday 8:30PM EST: Broncos are only slightly favored for this AFC divisional game. However, let’s not forget that the Broncos are still 8-3 and have Peyton at the helm. With a gun to your head, who do you pick Alex Smith over Peyton Manning. Never in the history of the world would that happen.

Yes, the quarterback is not the entire team, so it’s a different scenario when one tries to pick the winner of this game.

Denver has wavered in their run defense, allowing 228 yards on 54 carries. That bodes well for Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles. With Denver’s number one weapon Julius Thomas perhaps still sidelined with an ankle injury, Denver could also struggle on the offensive side of the ball.

This game will give us NFC fans a chance to look at an important AFC match up. Should be a good game all around.

SI cover don’t jinx us!


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Go For Two: NFL games to watch week 6

Matt Prater
Lions 3rd kicker of the season

I can not believe that we are already in week 6! What?!

I’m still coming off the high that is a Green Bay win and a week of Lions and Bears losses. Ah. I really don’t want to go into next week. I want to bask in the glory of it all cause you  know it ain’t gonna be pretty like that every week. Ask the Falcons (come on guys? Why couldn’t you just beat the Giants!). The Browns want week 5 to live on forever as well, as they had the best 25 point comeback ever. What about semi-pro hair model Brady, who showed the world he wasn’t done yet. Well, that’s what week 6 is for. To take winners and make them losers, and losers and make them winners. Well, everyone except the Jaguars and the Raiders, they are just losers and I feel bad for them. Seriously. Real bad.

Here are the games that peak my interest…




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Go For Two: 10 Random Thoughts – Quarterbacks Addition

1. Why does Phillip Rivers look like such a douchepod? He looks like a guy you would want to beat up in school.

2. Andrew Luck looks like a caveman. Good comeback though.

3. Colin Kaepernick sounds like he’s trying to pass a kidney stone when he calls out his plays. It’s distracting.

4. When it was suggested to Matt Stafford that maybe he go to a quarterback guru to help him with his footwork and improve his game — he said he didn’t need a guru. Really? Who wouldn’t want to improve themselves? That’s the second biggest problem the Lions have after Schwartz. Well, now first.

5. Packer nation thanks the Chicago Bears organization for resigning Jay Cutler.

6. Peyton Manning is awesome. There is no way around it. Mentally = awesome. Physically = awesome. Perseverance = awesome. Skill level = awesome.

7. Eli Manning is not awesome. (Un)awesome. Awesome(less).

8. Will anyone give Tom Brady a high-five during the Patriot’s divisional playoff game? Poor guy.

9. Kyle Orton should become backup quarterback in Denver. I’m just saying, with hair like that, he belongs in a place where weed is legal.

10. Alex Smith has the worst luck ever. Honestly, I wouldn’t ride on an airplane with that guy.


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Madeline Fresco is a novelist who lives in San Francisco. She is the author of CROSSED THE LINE, available for Kindle at Amazon.com, for Nook at Barnes & Noble, and as an ePub at other eBook retailers. You can also listen to her novel as a free, serialized audiobook at madelinefresco.com.