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Eligible Receiver

Hey all,

Just started writing for a new blog called Eligible Receiver. It’s an all women blog about football for men and women. Click here to link to the website.

I’ve copied my article for you all to read.

The NFL will have a female ref!


What? Shock, gasp, and awe. You are reading this right. The NFL has finally decided to break that proverbial glass ceiling and have a woman as a referee. Congratulations, Shannon Eastin! You have now achieved what so many true NFL fans have wanted all these years — to have a woman actually participate in the NFL, a woman in a role of respect and knowledge.

Originally reported by The Los Angeles Times, Shannon Eastin will be the referee this Thursday, August 9, 2012 for the Green Bay Packers versus San Diego Chargers preseason game.

I have yearned for something like this for so long. As a female fan of the NFL, I tire of seeing sportscasting as the only role for women in football. Even then, it seems a lot of the women sportscasters have no idea about the rules of the game, the history of the players they are interviewing, or the football news they are disseminating. Their job is to stand there, read a prompt card, and subtly move a stray, windblown hair away from their face. I would love a shot at an interview with Aaron Rodgers, to ask him real football questions. I was so annoyed by the end of Rodgers’ second year as the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers when all the interview questions seemed to hover around Brett Favre. By the time the Packers where in the playoffs, Favre should have been a moot point. Aaron Rodgers, not Brett Favre, had brought them to the playoffs. Yet stupid, inappropriate questions were still being asked.

So thank you, NFL, for finally giving a woman a role in professional football that is dignified and shows that we are equals. Rules are rules. It doesn’t take a man to read a rule book. We don’t need more “pretty faces” standing on the sidelines. What we need, are more Shannon Eastins.

Here is a link that lists Eastin’s credentials as an official.


4th book

Today I’m working a bit on the comedy/it’s a funny story book. I don’t even know what one would call that. It’s not funny … I mean I hope it is. I hope people enjoy it, but it’s not like I’m a stand up comic, so I wonder if people will like it. Maybe they will like it because I’m not a stand up comic and they can relate better to the stories that I am sharing? Maybe I shouldn’t always doubt myself and just have fun with the project??

Calm before the storm

So today I reviewed the outline and decided that Wednesday I will start writing my first draft. I have a good idea of what drives each character and why they would do the things they do.

Now is the scary part though. In your head, you have the perfect book. How it actually comes out on the written page is a whole other story.

Right now, it’s perfect — cause it isn’t written.


Trial run

Yesterday I tried a trial run of writing the opening dream sequence. Not quite the flavor I was looking for. Also tried the first chapter where the reader gets to know Lily. Ehh… it was okay. It did get me thinking more about the opening of the book and how to make the first few pages really jump out at the reader.

Today, I’m not going to lie to you, is going to be difficult. While I had an amazing time with my friends yesterday, today is going to drag. I’m not headachey or nauseated, just in a haze.

But I must work on the book. That is the hardest part of being a truly dedicated writer. You always have to write, no matter what. Maybe you can’t write the greatest end scene to a story ever told, but you can work on one plot point, one character detail … something to move the story forward.

That is what I will do today.



There is something very exciting about seeing your outline taking shape.


{I don’t care what it is, whether you’re trying to loose weight and you first notice a difference, or you are a nurse and you finally performed a procedure by yourself for the first time —  it’s a great feeling when you see something that you have worked on come to fruition.}

Free Day

It’s a holiday! That means no work and I get to spend an extra day on my writing. 🙂

Here’s the dilemma. My first book is completely done and off to find an agent. My second book is complete, but I need to start the tedious editing process. However, I was once given the advice that an author should put their book away for a few months so that they can get a fresh look at their manuscript. Okay, well I’m doing that. That leaves me the opportunity to write my third novel.

Here’s the issue. With the first book, I always knew I was going to write it. Always.

With the second book, I came up with the idea one day based on some very sad life experiences that were surrounding me.

So, now, I find myself without any idea of what topic to base my next book off of. My life is going great right now. Am I truly in that sad category of authors that can only write if their lives are a mess???

I need to percolate today. I need to think of times in my life that truly meant something. Maybe some decision that, if I had made another choice, my life would be different??

These are all good questions…


I finished my book!

I just finished my first novel in it’s entirety! I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling it is 🙂

Sure, it starts off fun — you come up with the idea, you outline and then write your first draft. So amazing. But then, you do an edit. Then a second edit. Then a fourth, fifth and sixth. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many edits I did on this book.

Now comes the first exciting part in a long, long time. I’m looking for an agent to represent my book. Not sure how that’s going to go, but I’ll keep you posted.

~ Madeline ~